Some thoughts on the word “queer” and different ways of thinking about what it can mean. It’s a thing I’ve been poking at for awhile and have yet to come up with anything coherent to say beyond the vlog post of a few months ago. Jennifer Searle gives some more food for thought to toss into that mix.

Lavender Health - LGBTQ Resource Center

I attended the Rainbow Health Ontario conference in March of this year. During the question period at the end of the session in which I was a presenter, one of the persons in attendance asked about the meaning of the word queer. Many shared their definition of the word. One person shared that some of their straight friends identify as queer. My initial thoughts on this involved feelings of discomfort, anger even. I have been working on various things since the conference but my mind keeps coming back to this. Recent events and interactions with members of the queer community where I live has caused me to deeply reflect on the meaning of queer. I have been having rich and meaningful politically inspired conversations about difference, action and change. These conversations have provided me with the sense of community that I have been searching for. But these conversations are mostly…

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