Rings of Grief, and Craig Ferguson

A couple of useful tools for processing grief and privilege.

Strip Me Back To The Bone

I’ve been quietly reading  reactions people are having regarding the Orlando massacre for the last few days. I’ve been quiet about the subject, here and elsewhere, for a whole hosts of reasons. I’ve been seeing people react to being told they should be silent, that their voices are not those that need to be heard, and I’ve watched them struggle (and often fail) to understand *why* that’s being said. I’ve seen people chide those same groups of people for being silent, and nothing better can illustrate the fact that no single demographic will agree on every point, and if we try to please everyone, if we try to do things perfectly, we will always be frustrated, we will always fail.

We need to allow ourselves to blunder, to make mistakes, to look like fools. We need to not be afraid of what we don’t know. We need to allow having…

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