Trans Accessible Practice: An Introductory How-To

Some great insights and resources here.

Lavender Health - LGBTQ Resource Center

This is my second blog post in a series regarding transgender health and it is admittedly something that I knew very little about until I started doing my research. I was simply given the Rainbow Health Ontario website as a reference to find trans specific health resources. So I sat down and started going through the materials and was floored by the diversity in rad resources that were so readily available. My astonishment at the sheer volume made this a learning experience that required me to decenter myself prior to proceeding any further if the goal was to understand the challenges of those who are more marginalized than myself.

As a white queer cis woman who has a very feminine presentation, I am able to pass through space much like many other very feminine presenting white women do. The usual cat-calling and leering and feeling unsafe in (or avoiding) certain spaces are…

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