Do I ever sleep? Here’s the answer!

It’s funny, because while I am often also asked how I get everything done, my answer frequently involves *not* accomplishing quite a number of things (i.e. I could really use a housekeeper). So I’m looking forward to this series of blog posts that I expect will contain some useful suggestions around actually being efficient.

Peggy L Chinn

Oh yes indeed I sleep, and very well indeed!  But I get asked this question so often – in the context of “how do you do all you do?” –  that I finally decided to address this here on my blog!  First, though, I have to admit that I offer my responses to this not because I think other folks need to “get more done,” and certainly not with the intent that you would follow what I do.  But I do think some of the ideas I work with might be useful to at least know about .. so this post launches a series of posts that will explain some of the most useful “productivity” tools and habits that I use – and you can take it or leave it as you see fit!

So to begin, my “productivity” story began when I was about 10 years old.  I read…

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