Moving Beyond Queer Health Stereotypes

These stereotypes are so pervasive it is painful. I remember when my advisor told the class I wanted to study STDs in sexual minority populations, when we had just had a conversation about how I wanted to study LGBT health. That was how her mind auto-translated it, and stuff like that happens because of stuff like this.

So, step 1: collect the data. We are making strides there. You would think step 2 would be to use the data, but as you can see from this reblog, that is really step 3. Step 2 is to actually see the data.

LGBT HealthLink, The Network for Health Equity

Head Shot Scout 2014 lo res by Scout, Ph.D.

“Epic fail,” my friend texted me Thursday. I clicked on the attached link to see what he was talking about. Oh. Washington Post had published a story, Who still smokes in the United States — in seven simple charts, and in it they decided to ignore one point from the original study — the numbers showing LGB people smoke at rates over 40 percent higher than others.

To understand how upsetting this story was let me frame it a bit for you. Years ago I was one of several people in small meetings with officials at the federal government strategizing how we could get LGBT data collection on the most often cited federal health survey. There was some front room dealing, some back room dealing and lots of public pressure to get these data collected. Then I stepped through a painful process whereby the feds started…

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