CBPR – How do you define the community and how are they participating?

So, this week I’m home.  Home sick, actually, but my throat got better enough to do a video response to this week’s class readings.  At some point, I will go back and do the weeks that I skipped (because they weren’t required) in the name of completeness.


Friedman, M.S., Silvestre, A.J., Gold, M.A., Markovic, N., Savin-Williams, R.C., Huggins, J., Sell, R.L. (2004). Adolescents define sexual orientation and suggest ways to measure it. Journal of Adolescence 27(3), 303-17.

Viswanathan, M., Ammerman, A., Eng, E., Gartlehner, G., Lohr, K.N., Griffith, D., Rhodes, S., Samuel-Hodge, C., Maty, S., Lux, L., Webb, L., Sutton, S.F., Swinson, T., Jackman, A., Whitener, L. (2004). Community-based participatory research: Assessing the evidence. Evidence Report/Technology Assessment No. 99. Retrieved November 6, 2015 from http://archive.ahrq.gov/clinic/epcsums/cbprsum.htm .

(Note: That’s not the whole report, linked above, just the summary. But seriously, that covers the key points, and I figured I might as well include a publically-accessible link.)


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