Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Data Gathering in Healthcare

So, I really do plan to do some research-y stuff on here.  At the moment, I’m parking this YouTube that we were required to watch for a class I’m taking in Researching Rare/Hidden Groups.  It’s a useful demo of how gender identity and sexual orientation data might be collected in a healthcare setting and some difficulties/resistance that might be encountered in the process. 

Measuring Health Equity Project

Edited to add: my classmates have raised some very valid criticisms of this video.  The patient is very stereotyped, and the nurse could stand to be more sensitive to the patient’s discomfort around discussing her gender identity.  That said, I do still like that they chose to portray the patient’s resistance (even as someone deeply invested in having this kind of data collected, as a patient who is sick or injured, I’d probably be annoyed and frustrated with all the questions too!) and the nurse sandwiching the gender identity question among other, more familiar demographic questions to normalize it as just part of the overall picture of every patient.


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